How to Choose an Electric Mountain Bike

Choosing an electric mountain bike is nothing difficult, but is still something that needs to be done properly in order to get the bike you’ve always wanted and that suits you the best. Because we know how important this is, we have decided to tell you how exactly to choose an electric mountain bike. Basically, there are several categories that you need to take into consideration, but instead of explaining it, let’s get right into it.

The Budget

Of course, the number one thing you need to consider is your budget. It is clear that you can’t buy a $2,000 electric bike if you only have $500 to spend. So, make sure you do your research and see what kind of electric mountain bikes from All season bikes can be found for that amount of money, or wait until you save up some more in order to get something you’ve always wanted. Usually, a good electric bike can be bought for a price between $600 and $1,000; this will buy you a great, solid and a reliable electric mountain bike.

Bike Type

As we all know, there isn’t just one type of electric bike out there, and you need to see which one is the exact one you want. Even though these bikes have their own power source, they still need to be peddled like an ordinary bike from time to time. That is why you ought to choose between the two versions of electric mountain bikes: the e-bikes, where you control when the motor starts running, or a pedelec, that decides on its own when the motor needs to offer some additional assistance.

Bike Structure and Weight

The battery and the motor of an electric bike add much weight, and that is exactly why you ought to try and find a bike that has the frames made of modern alloys. This tells you that the bike is light and strong at the same time. Also, the modern batteries and motors are lighter than the older ones, which also keeps the weight of the entire electric bike down. However, these bikes tend to cost a lot more, and if you find one that doesn’t seem to cost much and is extremely light and durable, the problem with it may lay in the bike’s performance and power.


There are two basic groups of motors that the electric mountain bikes use – the integrated gearing and the gear-free models, and the brushless and the brushed motors. When it comes to the former ones, they differ in a way that the integrated gearing ones offer more torque and are much more efficient. The latter ones differ in the sense that the brushless motors have more moving parts than the brushed ones, meaning that they’re more efficient and long lasting. Keep in mind that some states or countries don’t allow some of these motors, so you better check the regulations before you buy an electric bike.


And finally, you need to see how powerful the battery of the bike is and if it suits your needs. Only the bike that has enough power to cover the distance you’re planning to cover should be considered; otherwise you aren’t really going to enjoy those mountain rides.