Worldwide Trending Sport called Bubble Football

In order that you enjoy the most trending sport in the world called as the Bubble Football, you will need a bubble suit, soccer ball, soccer goals and other equipment to play this hottest sport. It is actually a thrilling remix of several popular sports like the football, bubble-wrap and sumo wrestling.

Bubble football excites you with a lot of fun moments while at play. It is invented in Norway which was popularized by other parts of the world. This is not only fun to play but it is also safe for players. Once the player is strapped on a giant and bouncy hamster ball, more fun is along the way.

The bubble football is ideal for children’s birthday party, stag group activity, hens’ activity, end-of-season club activity, charity event and school tour. This hilarious sport is also known as body zorbing, bubble soccer and bumper balls.

It can be an outdoor or indoor game. However, you should be open to fun and ultimate entertainment. Serious-type of people will not enjoy the game. Thus, you need to have lots of sense of humor to enjoy it. This sport is increasingly becoming a popular game around the globe. Due to its enjoying and exciting features, everyone would love to play it.

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Those people who fall under the age of fourteen are encouraged of joining the game. They can come along with their friends for the most fun and excitement. This is also great for birthdays, team-building days and other entertainment-filled events. In Norway, it was actually created by Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad.

When you play bubble football, you actually get various scenarios like:

  • Zorb bowling – this happens when people are at the end of the playing field while any player is stands at the other field. This player will be the one to knock out those who are in the way.
  • Zorb sumo – this takes place when there are two players who are lined up in circle on the field, with the objective of pushing each other from that circle.
  • Bulldog – this is when a player is trying to run through a line with the team to defend that line while stopping the player from getting over.

In order to justify the “bubble” as its name, every player should hold his arms just above his head while he slides through the structure’s midline. The straps will secure players as these are attached around the shoulders, within the zorb.

In 2012, the bubble football was initially broadcasted on a Norwegian program. The most interesting part is that each player only sees his feet after looking straight at the bubble’s gap. With that in mind, you can get a clearer indication that it is a football game.

With an ideal warm-up, players can get used within the bubble. The bubble football is a great game for anyone to try out. However, you need to get used to falling for several times while playing at the venue.