Different Sports Your Children Can Learn

Playing sports is a healthy activity for any children much like having music lessons by Teach Tutti. It plays a vital part in their development from skills to talents. It is also a way for children to help express themselves and interact with other children. Parents will always have their worries that sports can be dangerous for their kids. However, with so many sports available, it is always possible to find a sport which parents feel safe without hindering the development of their children. Here are the different sports your children can learn.

  1. Football – Football is the most popular sport around Europe. It has a lot of minor leagues as well as several major leagues with millions of fans around the world. This is a team sport which players use their legs to control the ball and try to score at their respective goal. Though major leagues have some injuries which concerns the parents, children playing football rarely see any injuries at all. At most, children will get bruises or mud all over them.06558776 football
  2. Basketball – Basketball is more popular in the USA. However, there are still several clubs around the world including in Europe. Players use their hands to dribble, pass, interfere or shoot the ball at the ring. This sport is the complete opposite of football. It is also very popular around the world and often featured in a school’s fitness program.kids playing basketball purchased from istock Aug 27, 2008 by J. Stycuk
  3. Cricket – Cricket is famous for its diamond shape field and the bat and gloves used by players. The aim of the game is to achieve as many wickets as possibles, these are the runs you make between to posts whilst the opposing team are attempting to catch the ball that you have hit. childrenholidaycricket
  4. Swimming – Swimming is probably the most famous water sport around the world. It develops stamina, lung capacity as well as muscle strength on the swimmers. Swimming can be divided on different categories depending on the distance swimmers need to cover.swimming-lesson-group
  5. Volleyball – Volleyball is also a popular sport. Two teams are separated by a net where each team can touch the ball at most three times before they need to volley the ball to the opponent’s court.nike-volleyball-15
  6. Track & field – Track & field especially sprinting and jogging are the earliest skills children would learn even in playground. There are a lot of other track & field sports such as hurdle, marathon, relay, high jump, long jump and throwing events.-0909crosscrountry04.jpg20100908
  7. Tennis – Tennis is also a very popular event. It can be played solo or doubles. There are many major tennis events which players compete all year long around the world.activity-centres_1633167c
  8. Even the younger ages of children can participate in everyday playground games like hopscotch and bulldog.33680--New-Playground-Games-Encourages-Kids-To-have-Fun-and-Keep-Moving-fileID=34493
  9. Dancing – Dancing is a popular sport for girls and many girls love attending a theatre summer camp and dancing their socks off. It can be hip-hop or ballroom. Depending on the type of dance, it can be very safe or extremely risky.Three happy children jumping at once
  10. Cycling – Cycling is the oldest and among the popular sports using bicycle. It has a route which could reach tens of miles on different terrain.YoungstersCycling
  11. Gymnastics – Gymnastics focuses on balance and flexibility of the athlete. Gymnasts often have flexible yet strong body. It also gives emphasis on artistry and beautiful executions.artd

If you are considering to let your child learn sports, you might choose one of the above. After all, these are also children sports which is important for your child’s development.