Roger Federer The Tennis G.O.A.T

Any Roger Federer out there might be insulted or throw a bash as to why I call their Tennis Idol a GOAT, But the GOAT that is referred here is an abbreviation for GREATEST OF ALL TIMES. Now that everybody is settled, we will go back to our main point as to why Federer is known to be the greatest tennis player out there. We all know he has this awesome rivalry with the young Rafael Nadal and also known to be one of the players who is fighting with him in that number One spot.


Seeing both of the greatest player on the court is like seeing a masterpiece in the making and at the end of the day you will call an exquisite art. Putting aside the statistics and whatever people wanted to believe in, both players possess unique traits and characteristics when it comes to playing the game.


Rafael Nadal who is known to be the “King of Clays” because mostly of his titles are won in a clay court, is the most typical example of a technically marvelous tennis player. His skills are without a doubt, superb. He makes tennis look easier for the viewers, serve and return any ball that is thrown back at him. He is known for his long rallies till his opponents drop.


Roger Federer, on the other side, plays tennis with ingenuity. Instead of giving everything on the first place, he maneuvers the game. He tries to make errors leaving the balls stretch a little more than what it should be and rush back on it closer to the net and when staying further back would make a better play. Fooling his opponent as if he lost his motivation will then lead to his victory. He will then rain the opponent a couple of aces and send a clean backhand on the corner line. Watching it is ridiculous but seeing Federer doing it is simply amazing and makes him a genius.



When it comes to statistics, both tennis players are evenly match but a recent discussion that was released proved that Federer is the best when it comes to playing the game tennis and it was no other than the Uncle of the renowned rival of Federer. The Uncle of Nadal stated that Federer is the best for he owned 17 grand slam titles while Nadal holds 14 and closes it as Federer’s win. Despite the dominating title Federer holds, Nadal appears better when both rivals fate are intertwined in the court, offering a record of 23W-10L, leaving the favor to Nadal.


No matter what the spectators and tennis critics say, at the end of the day everyone has the freedom to discuss their opinion regardless of what the others’ opinion is. As for Federer, Who holds an unbelievable amount of Grand Slam Title. Leaves him as the best of all time and it is the fruit of his hard work of what makes him today.


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