How to Choose an Electric Mountain Bike

Choosing an electric mountain bike is nothing difficult, but is still something that needs to be done properly in order to get the bike you’ve always wanted and that suits you the best. Because we know how important this is, we have decided to tell you how exactly to choose an electric mountain bike. Basically, there are several categories that you need to take into consideration, but instead of explaining it, let’s get right into it.

The Budget

Of course, the number one thing you need to consider is your budget. It is clear that you can’t buy a $2,000 electric bike if you only have $500 to spend. So, make sure you do your research and see what kind of electric mountain bikes from All season bikes can be found for that amount of money, or wait until you save up some more in order to get something you’ve always wanted. Usually, a good electric bike can be bought for a price between $600 and $1,000; this will buy you a great, solid and a reliable electric mountain bike.

Bike Type

As we all know, there isn’t just one type of electric bike out there, and you need to see which one is the exact one you want. Even though these bikes have their own power source, they still need to be peddled like an ordinary bike from time to time. That is why you ought to choose between the two versions of electric mountain bikes: the e-bikes, where you control when the motor starts running, or a pedelec, that decides on its own when the motor needs to offer some additional assistance.

Bike Structure and Weight

The battery and the motor of an electric bike add much weight, and that is exactly why you ought to try and find a bike that has the frames made of modern alloys. This tells you that the bike is light and strong at the same time. Also, the modern batteries and motors are lighter than the older ones, which also keeps the weight of the entire electric bike down. However, these bikes tend to cost a lot more, and if you find one that doesn’t seem to cost much and is extremely light and durable, the problem with it may lay in the bike’s performance and power.


There are two basic groups of motors that the electric mountain bikes use – the integrated gearing and the gear-free models, and the brushless and the brushed motors. When it comes to the former ones, they differ in a way that the integrated gearing ones offer more torque and are much more efficient. The latter ones differ in the sense that the brushless motors have more moving parts than the brushed ones, meaning that they’re more efficient and long lasting. Keep in mind that some states or countries don’t allow some of these motors, so you better check the regulations before you buy an electric bike.


And finally, you need to see how powerful the battery of the bike is and if it suits your needs. Only the bike that has enough power to cover the distance you’re planning to cover should be considered; otherwise you aren’t really going to enjoy those mountain rides.

Everything You Need to Know About Archery

Archery involves using your instincts. An archer will usually naturally draw with their right hand, but you may want to use your left. If you draw with the right hand then you will aim with your right eye, and vice versa if you draw with your left hand.

You need to position yourself properly by keeping one foot to either side of the shooting line. Your feet should also be shoulder-width apart with your weight spread evenly on both feet and your body facing the target at a 90 degree angle.

After you’ve achieved this position you’re ready to draw the arrow out of the quiver. Nock the arrow by letting it slide backwards on the bowstring. Nocking is when the back of the arrow (the nock) is clipped to the string. The cock feather; the one that looks different to the others, should point left.

Then you position your fingers on the string. You need to use your index finger to curl around the string above the arrow, with your middle and ring fingers below the arrow. The string should be just past the first joint of your fingers.

Prepare to shoot by lifting the bow and pulling back on the string until your index finger rests under your chin with the string of the bow touching your nose. This is known as the anchor point. Close the eye you aren’t aiming with and line the sight on the bow up with the centre of the target.

Take in a deep breath and let out just half of it. Let your mind be cleared of anything that isn’t the target in front of you and relax. Don’t open your fingers to release the string; just let it fall out of your fingers. Let out the rest of your breath as the arrow flies and stay in place until the target is hit.

The key to archery success is to be consistent. You should aim to perform each shot as you did the one before. Stand the exact same way, pull the string back as far as before, and even breathe the exact same way.

Archery takes a lot of strength but working on the muscles you need for archery can prove difficult if you just go to the gym. What you need to do is move yourself into your shooting position with the bow and hold that position for thirty seconds. Relax for thirty seconds and then repeat the exercise until you can’t do it any more.

It’s also important that you stay completely still. Even the smallest movement can really alter your shot, especially a long distance shot. An arrow can fly out of a bow at up to 60m/s, while targets can be a good 90m away. If you even twitch you can send your arrow veering off course. In archery you get the most points for hitting the golden circle. The centre of this circle is called the x-ring (it’s not a bullseye) and, even though you won’t get any extra points for hitting it, it does determine who wins in the event of a tie-break situation.

Getting Started

If you want to get started with archery there are plenty of clubs across the UK that are friendly to beginners. Archery is great fun for all the family; young and old. It’s also a great sport that people with disabilities can compete in. Disabled archers often compete side by side with able-bodied competitors. Membership with an archery club usually costs around £35 a year depending on the size of the club. Archery can be done during winter because clubs have an indoor range. This indoor season usually lasts between October and March. The indoor targets are closer than outdoor ones, but also smaller to compensate. Find a club near you by visiting the Grand National Archery Society at, or the International Archery Federation at

Most clubs will require you to have at least some basic tuition in archery before you’re allowed to shoot solo. This begins with targets that are only about 10m away with the distance increasing as you improve. It only takes about six weeks to get good enough to go solo and courses usually cost between £20 and £50.

The only competition in the UK that it closed to all but the best is the UK Masters tournament. All the other archery tournaments are usually open to all so you can compete with your club at one of them.

For every sport, we recommend taking supplements to excel in your performance. There are endless supplements allowing you to excel in mental and physical performance. However, you need to ensure you’re taking high quality and non-tainted supplements. One of the best stores we recommend is Supplements Direct. Be sure to check them out!

Archery Equipment

You don’t need to worry too much about archery equipment as the club will usually kit you out. You should wear flat and stable shoes though. Avoid wearing heels and loose tops as loose tops can snag on the bow.

Archers will wear an arm guard on the arm they hold the bow with to protect it from the bow string. They also wear finger tabs; a small pouch designed to protect the finger. Some archers keep their clothes in check by wearing a chest guard. Using a pair of binoculars can help you see if you hit that long distance target.

The bows most commonly used in archery are recurve bows. If you want to buy your own you also need to invest in a sight so that you can line the arrows up with the target. You also need bow stabilisers that keep the bow steady while shooting.

The Upsides of Archery

Archery is great at reducing stress. Staying cool under the pressure of archery can teach you to apply this to the other stressful times.

It sharpens the mind as the amount of focus and mental clarity you need in archery will improve your overall concentration.

It tones your upper body as repeatedly lifting and drawing the bow is great upper body exercise.

It’s great for burning calories. Someone who weighs ten stone will burn an average of about 180 calories an hour. There is so much walking involved in a tournament that you could walk up to six miles a day.

It also strengthens your back. Most of the work in archery is taken on by the back which becomes strengthened as a result.

The Downsides of Archery

Archery can be pretty frustrating. It’s an easy skill to pick up but becomes almost impossible to truly master. Even the very best archers will be unable to hit the x-ring each and every time.

The weather can make it difficult. British summers are usually unpredictable at best and even a small gust can ruin your shooting. Flags on the targets will show you the wind direction so you can compensate but it can become almost impossible to hit the target in bad weather.

Archery also won’t do much for you from a cardio perspective. It’s great for burning calories and building muscles but it won’t boost your cardiovascular system in the way that sports like running will.

Worldwide Trending Sport called Bubble Football

In order that you enjoy the most trending sport in the world called as the Bubble Football, you will need a bubble suit, soccer ball, soccer goals and other equipment to play this hottest sport. It is actually a thrilling remix of several popular sports like the football, bubble-wrap and sumo wrestling.

Bubble football excites you with a lot of fun moments while at play. It is invented in Norway which was popularized by other parts of the world. This is not only fun to play but it is also safe for players. Once the player is strapped on a giant and bouncy hamster ball, more fun is along the way.

The bubble football is ideal for children’s birthday party, stag group activity, hens’ activity, end-of-season club activity, charity event and school tour. This hilarious sport is also known as body zorbing, bubble soccer and bumper balls.

It can be an outdoor or indoor game. However, you should be open to fun and ultimate entertainment. Serious-type of people will not enjoy the game. Thus, you need to have lots of sense of humor to enjoy it. This sport is increasingly becoming a popular game around the globe. Due to its enjoying and exciting features, everyone would love to play it.

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Those people who fall under the age of fourteen are encouraged of joining the game. They can come along with their friends for the most fun and excitement. This is also great for birthdays, team-building days and other entertainment-filled events. In Norway, it was actually created by Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad.

When you play bubble football, you actually get various scenarios like:

  • Zorb bowling – this happens when people are at the end of the playing field while any player is stands at the other field. This player will be the one to knock out those who are in the way.
  • Zorb sumo – this takes place when there are two players who are lined up in circle on the field, with the objective of pushing each other from that circle.
  • Bulldog – this is when a player is trying to run through a line with the team to defend that line while stopping the player from getting over.

In order to justify the “bubble” as its name, every player should hold his arms just above his head while he slides through the structure’s midline. The straps will secure players as these are attached around the shoulders, within the zorb.

In 2012, the bubble football was initially broadcasted on a Norwegian program. The most interesting part is that each player only sees his feet after looking straight at the bubble’s gap. With that in mind, you can get a clearer indication that it is a football game.

With an ideal warm-up, players can get used within the bubble. The bubble football is a great game for anyone to try out. However, you need to get used to falling for several times while playing at the venue.

Different Sports Your Children Can Learn

Playing sports is a healthy activity for any children much like having music lessons by Teach Tutti. It plays a vital part in their development from skills to talents. It is also a way for children to help express themselves and interact with other children. Parents will always have their worries that sports can be dangerous for their kids. However, with so many sports available, it is always possible to find a sport which parents feel safe without hindering the development of their children. Here are the different sports your children can learn.

  1. Football – Football is the most popular sport around Europe. It has a lot of minor leagues as well as several major leagues with millions of fans around the world. This is a team sport which players use their legs to control the ball and try to score at their respective goal. Though major leagues have some injuries which concerns the parents, children playing football rarely see any injuries at all. At most, children will get bruises or mud all over them.06558776 football
  2. Basketball – Basketball is more popular in the USA. However, there are still several clubs around the world including in Europe. Players use their hands to dribble, pass, interfere or shoot the ball at the ring. This sport is the complete opposite of football. It is also very popular around the world and often featured in a school’s fitness playing basketball purchased from istock Aug 27, 2008 by J. Stycuk
  3. Cricket – Cricket is famous for its diamond shape field and the bat and gloves used by players. The aim of the game is to achieve as many wickets as possibles, these are the runs you make between to posts whilst the opposing team are attempting to catch the ball that you have hit. childrenholidaycricket
  4. Swimming – Swimming is probably the most famous water sport around the world. It develops stamina, lung capacity as well as muscle strength on the swimmers. Swimming can be divided on different categories depending on the distance swimmers need to cover.swimming-lesson-group
  5. Volleyball – Volleyball is also a popular sport. Two teams are separated by a net where each team can touch the ball at most three times before they need to volley the ball to the opponent’s
  6. Track & field – Track & field especially sprinting and jogging are the earliest skills children would learn even in playground. There are a lot of other track & field sports such as hurdle, marathon, relay, high jump, long jump and throwing events.-0909crosscrountry04.jpg20100908
  7. Tennis – Tennis is also a very popular event. It can be played solo or doubles. There are many major tennis events which players compete all year long around the world.activity-centres_1633167c
  8. Even the younger ages of children can participate in everyday playground games like hopscotch and bulldog.33680--New-Playground-Games-Encourages-Kids-To-have-Fun-and-Keep-Moving-fileID=34493
  9. Dancing – Dancing is a popular sport for girls and many girls love attending a theatre summer camp and dancing their socks off. It can be hip-hop or ballroom. Depending on the type of dance, it can be very safe or extremely risky.Three happy children jumping at once
  10. Cycling – Cycling is the oldest and among the popular sports using bicycle. It has a route which could reach tens of miles on different terrain.YoungstersCycling
  11. Gymnastics – Gymnastics focuses on balance and flexibility of the athlete. Gymnasts often have flexible yet strong body. It also gives emphasis on artistry and beautiful executions.artd

If you are considering to let your child learn sports, you might choose one of the above. After all, these are also children sports which is important for your child’s development.

Roger Federer The Tennis G.O.A.T

Any Roger Federer out there might be insulted or throw a bash as to why I call their Tennis Idol a GOAT, But the GOAT that is referred here is an abbreviation for GREATEST OF ALL TIMES. Now that everybody is settled, we will go back to our main point as to why Federer is known to be the greatest tennis player out there. We all know he has this awesome rivalry with the young Rafael Nadal and also known to be one of the players who is fighting with him in that number One spot.


Seeing both of the greatest player on the court is like seeing a masterpiece in the making and at the end of the day you will call an exquisite art. Putting aside the statistics and whatever people wanted to believe in, both players possess unique traits and characteristics when it comes to playing the game.


Rafael Nadal who is known to be the “King of Clays” because mostly of his titles are won in a clay court, is the most typical example of a technically marvelous tennis player. His skills are without a doubt, superb. He makes tennis look easier for the viewers, serve and return any ball that is thrown back at him. He is known for his long rallies till his opponents drop.


Roger Federer, on the other side, plays tennis with ingenuity. Instead of giving everything on the first place, he maneuvers the game. He tries to make errors leaving the balls stretch a little more than what it should be and rush back on it closer to the net and when staying further back would make a better play. Fooling his opponent as if he lost his motivation will then lead to his victory. He will then rain the opponent a couple of aces and send a clean backhand on the corner line. Watching it is ridiculous but seeing Federer doing it is simply amazing and makes him a genius.



When it comes to statistics, both tennis players are evenly match but a recent discussion that was released proved that Federer is the best when it comes to playing the game tennis and it was no other than the Uncle of the renowned rival of Federer. The Uncle of Nadal stated that Federer is the best for he owned 17 grand slam titles while Nadal holds 14 and closes it as Federer’s win. Despite the dominating title Federer holds, Nadal appears better when both rivals fate are intertwined in the court, offering a record of 23W-10L, leaving the favor to Nadal.


No matter what the spectators and tennis critics say, at the end of the day everyone has the freedom to discuss their opinion regardless of what the others’ opinion is. As for Federer, Who holds an unbelievable amount of Grand Slam Title. Leaves him as the best of all time and it is the fruit of his hard work of what makes him today.


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Betting Online: Choose Wisely

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